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Chris has almost 22 years of hands-on experience in the field of Elder Care with extensive industry knowledge.

He founded Elderly Advocate (Snap for Seniors) in 2003 with the vision of improving eldercare in the Puget Sound area, and enabling consumers to make informed choices about their care needs. He has owned several care facilities, and has worked with State legislators to improve oversight in the industry.

Chris then founded Advocate Transportation in 2004 to transfer non-emergency Elderly Residents.

Chris was instrumental and progressive in his efforts to secure 1800 Elderly and over 6,000 URLs related to providing services to the senior populations. 

He founded Best Care Homes Inc in 2001, and operated 11 Adult Family Homes. This entity was sold, and in 2011 founded AFH Management and built it to the present-day status of having 16 operating units and another 11 about to open.

Chris has recognized the efficacy of his accomplishments, and has the vision to expand this needed service across the United States.   The route to that success is to franchise the brand, and he has chosen a team of experts to assist in accomplishing these goals.