How long does the enrollment into an adult family home take?
If all the information is complete on the enrollment form and the required documents are received (discharge papers from hospital, Power of Attorney papers, medication list, nurse assessment, etc.), then the process goes very quickly and can often be put in place in the same day.
Can my loved one keep their current Primary Care Provider?

All of our residents keep their Primary Care Provider. They can choose to use our on-call visiting physician if it is more beneficial for them.

How does the service work?

MY AFH works to provide 24/7 care for your loved one. This includes housing, meals, medication management, healthcare needs, physical activities, hair, nail, and podiatry needs and many of the other basic in-home needs. We have caregivers on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do you coordinate care with Hospice?

Yes. MY AFH works closely with the registered nurses and other ancillary staff from Hospice to help provide a well-rounded continuum of care for our residents.

What if my loved one needs specialized care?

MY AFH has specialized homes to accommodate all levels of care. We have homes that specialize in behavioral management and bariatric care. These homes are designed to help keep costs down for our residents. We also specialize in diabetes, feeding tubes, medication management, and all forms of dementia and mental health. 

What if my loved one needs additional specialized services?

MY AFH homes offer physical, occupational and speech therapy, geropsychiatry, home doctor, and end-of-life hospice service. We also provide move-in services, transportation, pharmaceutical delivery, and medical devices.  

What if my loved one runs out of financial resources?

At MY AFH, we honor the original contract to provide care as long as a resident is with us. Our policy includes a 24-month private pay or any other agreed upon payment structure. There is no need to worry about needing to move your loved one again.

What if concerns arise with the provider or staff in the home?

Many families feel that their only recourse for unheard concerns is to contact Adult Protective Services. MY AFH prides itself on customer service. Advocating for the resident and family for all of their needs and concerns are of utmost importance. Dealing with a provider and staff can be very uncomfortable and MY AFH helps mediate any concerns. Peace of mind is our ultimate goal.