Does your current home qualify to become an adult family home?

All around the country, senior care costs are rising to an all time high, with no signs of slowing down.

The average costs for senior care in the U.S.A is $131,400 per year, per person for a private room and low care needs (ADLs). With an average stay of 3 years, this equates to over $390,000 per person.  “Low care costs” do not include the high cost care such as dementia, parkinsons’ or diabetes. Seniors and their families need better options.

Many people have planned their retirement, many have also bought their burial plot, but very few families are prepared for the cost of senior care. When families realize the high cost of their loved ones’ care, more often than not, they rely on selling the family’s assets (home, car, investments, rental properties, inheritance etc.) to pay for senior care. These families will never see their assets or money again.

If you are worried about the cost of your own care, or the care of your loved ones, this is the perfect time to invest in senior care. An Investment in this innovative category of senior living is a brand new opportunity that many are not aware of, but the demand is high.

Let’s show you how it works!

A percentage of people over the age of 70 will need some type of senior care service, now you can turn your payments into an investment when you choose to partner with AFH Senior Care.

For the first time ever, through AFH Senior Care, if your loved one needs senior care and owns real estate (personal home, rental property, summer home etc.) families have the opportunity to convert their property into an adult family home to earn money each month while also receiving certified care. 

Converting your property into an adult family home is a complicated process, with AFH Senior care it is a streamlined process. Over the past 20 years our team has successfully accomplished and proven our model many times.  Hear it from our clients, listen to our client testimonials (here).

Benefits of converting your home into an adult family home:

  • Keep your forever home, aging in place.
  • Earn a monthly income from the adult family home.
  • Provide the highest quality care to your community.
  • The peace of mind that generations of your family have a place for their senior care as well.
  • Keep the wealth in the family for generations.

By the numbers

Monthly Median Costs: Washington State (2020)

In-Home Care

Homemaker Services $5,941
Home Health Aide $6,031

Community and Assisted Living

Adult Day Healthcare $2,167
Assisted Living Facility $5,750

Nursing Home Facility

Semi-Private Room $9,581
Private Room $10,950

AFHSC Solution:

The cost of senior care compared to a one time investment that could provide your family generation wealth. When an individual converts their home into an adult family home with AFH senior care, they do not pay this monthly cost, they receive monthly returns. 

(The conversion process we provide you with your dream home)

When you decide to work with AFH Senior Care to convert your home into an adult family home, you are connecting yourself to a team of experienced professionals who have done this many times and will make sure you clearly understand the process and the specific return of investment on your individual home.*

*If your current home is not qualified to be converted to an Adult Family Home, our team of real estate professionals will help you find the right location in your desired area. 

Advantages with AFHSC:

  • Monthly returns
  • Multiple levels of involvement. 
  • High demand for AFHSC senior care services.
  • Senior care management team.
  • Social impact investments.
  • Climate friendly and minimal carbon footprint.

How to get started:

Step 1: Contact us

Schedule a time to sit down with our team to discuss your situation.

Step 2: Plan your Involvement

Decide your families involvement in the process.

Step 3: Build a Timeline

Build out a timeline of construction for your conversion.

Step 4: We will Handle Next Steps

From this point leave it to us, we will take it from here

After your conversion:

With multiple levels of involvement, families that partner with AFH Senior Care have the option to not have any involvement with the business. After your home has been converted into an adult family home, we will place a full care team into your home to manage the day to day business operations and provide certified care to the senior residents. 

Your home will be connected to a trusted source of senior care. AFH Senior Care has a trusted professional advisory team that will manage the daily operations connected to the adult family home. Our advisory team will make sure the adult family home, connected to your real estate, is always in the highest quality.

  • Maintenance team for property up keep
  • Care team management
  • Compliance and quality assurance
  • Events and activities
  • Corporate support center